Homestay Labu Kubong


Homestay Labu Kubong

Homestay Labu Kubong

Homestay Labu Kubong situated in Kuala Kangsar, Royal Town of Perak and consists of traditional and modern Malay house. easily access by road (North-South Expressway Highway) or by train (KTM-ETS).  

Our homestay is one of the homestay programme registered under Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. Through HOMESTAY programme, we provide visitor with opportunity to stay with a chosen family, interact and experience the daily life of their home, family and learn the culture and lifestyle of the rural community.

We understand some visitors might want private leisure, and for that, we recommend KAMPUNGSTAY - a separate house where you don't have to share with others but still enjoy your vacation and do your own activities.

Well known for it scenic view, our village mostly covered with paddy field and surrounded with mountain range. Come and enjoy the picturesque view by walking around the village or boarding our tram. For those who love bicycle riding, we also provide bike rental package.

Enjoy the nature and the tranquility with us and treasure every memories!!